Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Latest Debates Coming Up

Drama every day in the primary election process. Today John Edwards will announce his departure. That leaves us Democrats just two to fight it out tomorrow in the latest presidential debate.

If eventually McCain does become the Republican candidate, his age and physical frailty will be against him as the year progresses. He also has to unify his own party behind him and that may be quite a feat. Also, if he keeps beating the war drums that noise will fall on many deaf ears. On the other hand, Hillary (who I think on February 5 will emerge as the real contender) is in her prime. In debates, McCain tends to get snappish, nasty even (example: his outbursts against Romney). But Hillary lately has kept cool under fire in the face of numerous debates and crises. Even Bill seems to have piped down the last few days. Hillary's strengths could make McCain look like a querulous old man. I admire and respect Barak, but I doubt he could pull off the general election. I've heard the talk about a McCain-Huckabee ticket, but there's a danger the Huckster will go off point and insist on bringing in his embarrassing notions about gender, anti-science and everything else. That could send the Republican ticket off the rails.
Hillary vs. McCain = two known quantities with Hillary having a good chance of winning.
Barak vs. McCain = one new to the national stage and one a very well-known performer.
In this house at the moment we have one pragmatic Hillary supporter and one passionate Barak supporter. However, we will back whoever becomes our leader.


Village Green said...

Great post! I trust that you mean you will back whichever Democrat becomes the leader?

Stephanie Grant Duke said...

Of course I'll back which ever Democrat! Tonight's debate between just the two candidates left standing will be very important.

ZJ said...

And what do you think of the possibility of of a Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket?
==Susan in Oregon