Friday, February 8, 2008

Yesterday Mormanism Did Mitt In

Christianity is hard enough to swallow, but Mormonism? Egad! Yesterday Mormonism did Romney in--and a good thing too. Skeptics of every stripe, together with evangelicals in the Bible Belt and elsewhere (most of whom have adjusted to Catholics and Jews over time, but can't tolerate the Latter Day Saints.) Neither can I. Or, to be more precise, can't take them seriously. Live and let live is my motto, but what's fakier than Mormonism? It's daft. J A certain 19th century follow, Joseph Smith, born in a shack in Vermont invented it by claiming in the 1820s that an angel-prophet had revealed to him some golden plates, which according to Smith "corrected" statements in the NT about Jesus, among other things. Of course, the golden plates have never been seen since by anyone else! Sure is mind-boggling that millions around the world have bought into this stuff and have helped build a multi-billion dollar faith, and that a whole State in the U.S.--Utah--is in the hands of these people. I can't imagine even a whole county in my old country (U.K.) ever being the host for any religion, let alone the Latter Day Saints. Here's a bit from Wikipedia's entry on the subject of Joe Smith....
Smith said that an 1823 visitation from a resurrected prophet named Moroni [8] led to his finding and unearthing (in 1827) a long-buried book, inscribed on metal plates, which contained a record of God's dealings with the ancient Israelite inhabitants of the Americas. The record, along with other artifacts (including a sword, a compass-like device, a breastplate and what Smith referred to as the Urim and Thummim), was buried in a hill near his home. On September 22, 1827, Smith's record indicates that the angel allowed him (after 4 years of waiting and preparation) to take the plates and other artifacts. Almost immediately thereafter Smith began having difficulties with people trying to discover where the plates were hidden on the Smith farm
Read it and weep!
Read Mitt's Funeral, here:

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Obama/Clinton? Clinton/Obama

"And what do you think of the possibility of a Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket?"
Susan in Oregon

Dear Susan-in-Oregon:

Your question seems to be on a lot of people's minds.

First, I just can't conceive of an Obama/Clinton ticket because it's clear to all of us that for at least fifteen years and maybe even thirty, Hillary has had her mind set on the Presidency. I just can't see her acquiescing to a subsidiary role. And if the regime continues for eight years, Hillary would have reached the same age, almost, as the doddering John McCain is today. .

Second, a Clinton/Obama ticket is a distinct possibility because his quest is not so much longstanding (despite the rumor that his desire goes back to kindergarten). He knows that a youthful vice president serving in a successful administration (we hope!) has a good chance of catching that final golden ring. Gore should have, but Barak would learn from Gore's mistakes.

I'll be happy enough that a Democrat wins the presidency. Oh, such a relief! It looks as if it's bound to happen.