Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Fine Woman Photographer

Picasso. Man Ray. Steichen. Etc. In The New Yorker this week I enjoyed Judith Thurman's article about Lee Miller. It sent me back to the Paris of Janet Flanner, who wrote about Paris for decades in that magazine. What a fine time they all had, or thought they did, in the twenties and thirties. Miller helped Man Ray photograph the famous White Ball of 1930, recorded by Flanner. Mention's made of a "fine biography. 2006, by Carolyn Burke. I must look for it. I'd like to see Miller's WWII photography. It's considered as on a level with Margaret Bourke White's. But-- like so many of those moths who danced in the flame for a while and inevitably burned out when they grew out of fashion, or old, Miller eventually met that fate. Years ago I read a fascinating biog of Man Ray. Couldn't get him out of my head.

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Village Green said...

I really enjoyed that article and wish I could go see the art exhibit. What an interesting life she lead.